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Why Choose Shopify in 2021?

Shopify is a web application that enables you 

to create an online shop. It offers you a wide variety of 'themes' that can be personalized to suit your own criteria for branding, and enables you to sell physical or digital goods.  The company now has over 1,000,000 users, 5000 staff, and between 2016 and 2019 generated $319bn in sales. This is a great platform for anyone selling.

How Does Shopify Work & Why Do we Like It?

As I see it, Shopify is not only an easy way to launch and manage your online store. It’s geared towards supporting store owners in crucial aspects like opening additional channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay or Facebook), offering customer support tools (e.g. live chat) or by taking care of the technical hassles.


Why we like it? Adding products as well as managing payment and shipping options and processing orders is absolutely painless. Their layouts (templates) can be modified to a large degree without any programming knowledge. Shopify can help you with your content marketing too as it comes with a blog and more. Although with some limitations. It’s possible to change your store’s look and add extra-functionality by installing new templates and apps in seconds. If you are a programmer (or hire one), you can have complete control over your online store customization. Having official 24 hours support is something I value a lot. No matter how fast your business grows, Shopify can accommodate small, big, and colossal eCommerce projects. If you are into dropshipping, Shopify integrates with several apps/providers (read guide). A nice perk is that you can sell offline with their PoS solution.

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